Achievements of Anti Corruption Bureau


          After separation from Bihar Anti Corruption Bureau, Jharkhand started its business from 15th November 2000 onwards and since then, The Bureau has achieved lot of success in its field. Anti Corruption Bureau has arrested 311 government servants of different dept. (from 2001 till 2013) while demanding and accepting bribes from the common people.


           Anti Corruption Bureau has embarked into the mind of people and generated an impact on corruption by creating fear in the minds of people who misuse their power and position for own benefit.


           The prevention is better than cure. Public awareness and education for preventive vigilance illuminates generation of corruption. Vigilance dept actions are only tips of the iceberg for rooting out corruption in public life. In Democracy public is the master who should shoulder the responsibility of carrying out preventive vigilance. They should hardly allow the Scope of functioning punitive vigilance. For which Anti Corruption Bureau is an Agency under whose jurisdiction the culprits are brought to book for undergoing the procedure for penal actions.


          Removal of corruption in public life is a bipolar process in which the bribe giver` and taker are equally liable. In order to eliminate corruption among people and public servants the public co-operation is most important where from the Preventive Vigilance emanates. The moment the Preventive Vigilance overpowers the craze for lust or greed for being corrupt it’s cowed down and the corrupt acts are rooted out. Therefore, from the very root of generating corruption public awareness is the basic manifestation of Anti corruption. This aspect of phenomenon should be above all.